Our Grandpa’s Grandpa hailed from VALAVANOOR near by Pondichery and  very close to Mayilam Murugan temple.

Basicaly they are temple priest (Poojari) , Artistes (spathi) use to do artistic painting works In temples.

Our Grandpa’s Grandpa ( Fore father – SOOSAI) babtised and became a catholic Christian in Eighteenth centuary.

His son SAVARI MUTHU is our Grandpa’s father.

Our Grandpa S.V.S .RATHINAM basically worked as a teacher for some time .

He is an eminent freedom fighter , who was awarded Gold Medal by the Honourable President of India in 1960 for his service against Untouchabilty and  Social Justice.

 He held the Bench Magistrate post also.

With his support the Father ELBIREL built many schools and convents near by Kallakurichi.

And also , he is the only man who made more than a lakh people to follow Christ.

s v s Rathinam



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